Getting started with the API

Modified on: 2015-05-06 14:17:26 UTC

The TrueCNAM API can be accessed through any web browser or development library that supports HTTPS (secure HTTP). For simplicity when you're starting out, we suggest composing a sample API call in a plain text editor, and then submitting the request using a web browser (for example in: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari). To understand the TrueCNAM API, we'll cover:

1. API Domains - where to send API requests.

2. API Keys & Passwords - how to authenticate your API request.

3. The different API calls.

4. Specifics on each API call, the format, and the data returned.

5. Errors you may receive on API calls.

Each of the above has its own article covering the specifics of that subject.

Next, we suggest you continue on to: API Domains - Where to send your requests.

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