Free vs paid plans, what's the difference?

Modified on: 2015-05-06 15:14:00 UTC

TrueCNAM offers both free and paid plans for end users. Functionally, all of our plans offer the same services and features, and we don't "degrade" the information provided on our Free plan versus our paid plans. Free plans do however require you to add at least 1 phone number and name to your account before you can use our database.

The differences between each of our plans can be seen in detail on our pricing pageSpecifically, the differences between each plan include:

     1. The number of queries that can be made to our database per minute. This resets at 00 seconds every minute.

     2. The number of queries that can be made to our database per calendar day. This resets every day at 00:00 (12:00 AM) in the GMT/UTC timezone.

The above two limits directly relate to how many queries you may make to our database in the given time periods. For example, if you only receive typically 20 calls a day, our Free plan is likely to match your needs.

In addition, these other differences apply between our plans:

     3. How many of your phone numbers you can add to your account, and specify CNAM (Caller ID Name) for.

     4. The countries/areas we allow you to add numbers in. The Free plan is limited to less countries, while paid plans offer significantly more. You can check your phone number(s), and which plan they can be added to here.

     5. Finally, some of our plans also offer additional features, such as:

         • Re-verifying your numbers less often. See this article for details.

         • CDN access which can reduce the time required to perform a query. See this article for details.

         • Priority support. See this article for details.

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