Are there limits on what names I add?

Modified on: 2015-03-06 16:53:04 UTC

Yes. While adding a phone number to our database you are prompted to enter the name associated with your number. If you receive the following error:

"After checking the information you entered, there may be a problem. We check all information entered for profanity, potentially fictitious names, or high risk names such financial services and government. Please ensure your information listed below is correct."

As stated in the message, this message is displayed if the name you entered may contain profanity, a potentially fictitious name, or a high risk name. 

We use automated analysis of the name to determine if it may match a prohibited or restricted name. Since this processed is automated, it may from time to time incorrectly flag a name you enter that is innocuous. If the name you entered is correct, you have two options when your name is flagged this way:

1. You can modify the name to something that is still accurate, but does not get flagged.

2. You can continue with the flagged name, and it will be manually reviewed by our staff before being inserted to the TrueCNAM database and available to queries for the number. While reviewing the name, in some cases we may request additional information before accepting the name you provided. You will be contacted by our support department if we require additional information.

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