How is TrueCNAM different?

Modified on: 2015-03-16 15:56:40 UTC

TrueCNAM provides some unique differences to traditional CNAM (Caller ID Name), including:

1. Anyone can add their name and number to our database. Worldwide.

Traditional CNAM and LIDB (Line Information Databases) only allow telecommunications carriers and service providers to add or modify information contained within them. Individuals and businesses cannot modify their own information, rather they must contact their service provider and ask that they update the information. TrueCNAM allows anyone including individuals, businesses, telecommunications service providers and carriers to update our database, worldwide.

2. Anyone can query a number in our database and get back the name.

We offer both free and paid plans that allow anyone to query our database directly. Direct access to traditional CNAM and LIDB databases are typically only available to end-users with large query requirements, or via resellers for smaller customers.

3. No per-query fees.

Unlike traditional CNAM, TrueCNAM doesn't charge any per-query fees to to access our database. Instead, we offer both free and paid plans to end users and businesses that are metered by the number of queries you need to make per minute and per day. Because we don't charge on a per-query basis, our pricing is a small fraction of what traditional CNAM costs, and there are no overages. We offer extremely competitive services and pricing from the smallest users to the largest carriers, which allows anyone to connect to us directly, without resellers or middle-men.

4. No caching.

Caching can cause some data to be out of date for days, weeks, or some cases even longer. We never cache the data we return on queries. Traditional CNAM databases, as well as telecommunications carriers and service providers frequently cache CNAM data to minimize costs. Since our pricing doesn't have per-query fees, it significantly reduces the cost benefit to caching data, which means updates to CNAM data are more timely. Changes to data in our database are live and available to every customer as soon as they're inserted. 

5. No third-party data.

We don't buy data from third-parties which frequently is of questionable quality. Instead, all of our data comes from TrueCNAM users which include:
• Individuals and businesses

• Telecommunications carriers and service providers

• Data we verify (yes, actual TrueCNAM human employees)

6. TrueSpam scores

We provide a TrueSpam score with every query. TrueSpam scores provide a ranking of the "Spaminess" of a caller, such as a telemarketer. We provide you the score, and you decide what to do with the call; we never make a decision for you on what to do with your phone calls. TrueSpam scores are generated by anonymously analyzing community data from all of our customers.

7. TrueCLID

TrueCLID (Calling Line ID) provides an indication of whether a Caller ID number you receive is true and accurate, helps prevent Caller ID spoofing, and can also correct Caller ID that is modified or truncated in-transit by intermediary carriers the call travels over.

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