What does TrueCLID do?

Modified on: 2015-06-04 21:09:34 UTC

TrueCLID (Caller ID Number) provides a few functions:

1. It can indicate the certainty that a CLID received by a called party is true / accurate.

2. It helps prevent Caller ID spoofing.

3. In some cases it can help with CLID that has been modified in-transit such as being truncated, pre-fixed, or post-fixed by an intermediary carrier. This happens most often on international calls, calls to rural and other high-cost areas.

4. TrueCLID helps us calculate TrueSpam scores anonymously using community data. See our Privacy Policy for details.

5. Finally, if you're a Carrier / Service Provider and use TrueCLID, we also provide CNAM (Caller ID Name) information for the CALLED party number, when you notify us your call has ended. In this case we don't count the CNAM information we return against your per-minute or per-day query limits, so you get CNAM information for phone calls placed, and not just received.

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