API Best Practices

Modified on: 2015-06-04 21:04:14 UTC

Below are some best practices to keep in mind when using the API:

1. Use E.164 format for all telephone numbers. See this article for details.

2. If you're developing an application or service that may be used by multiple TrueCNAM account holders, you should choose which response type ("resp_type") and response format ("resp_format") you want to use, include it in every query in your application/service, and not allow the default value of an account to be chosen.

3. Choose the API PoP that's closest to you. See this article for details.

4. Depending on your development environment or the library you're using, you may need to encode "&" characters in the request URL replacing them with "%26". For example:


would become:


5. As you would for any other CNAM database or any external API you may use, consider placing a timeout on requests sent to us. A timeout will prevent your application from getting "stuck" if for example there is a connectivity issue between your network and ours.

Have more questions? See all of our support articles here.

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