TrueCLID call end

Modified on: 2015-05-06 14:09:25 UTC

Please note: This API call is available to carrier / service provider customers only. End user accounts attempting to use this API Call will receive an error.

TrueCLID call end lets you to notify TrueCLID that an outbound call you previously sent using TrueCLID call start is now disconnected. When you send the call end, we will provide you with CNAM for the called number for free. See the limitations of TrueCLID call end here. Below are the request fields you will send:

Field Required Value Comment
username Yes API Key Username Not the web login username. Used to authenticate your account.
password Yes API Key Password Not the web login password. Used to authenticate your account.
resp_type No

If passed: "simple", "basic", "extended"

Optional, allows specifying response type on per-query basis. If not passed, will use account default.
resp_format No If passed: "csv", "json", "xml" Optional, allows specifying response format on per-query basis. If not passed, will use account default. See this.
calling_number Yes

E.164 number that you were previously calling from

This is the number that you were calling from. E.164 format (including Country Code). See NOTE 1 below.

called_number Yes E.164 number that you called This is the number that you previously calledE.164 format (including Country Code).
call_party Yes


This notifies TrueCLID that an outbound call you previously placed has been disconnected.

NOTE 1: if your application/software does not know the calling number, you should not use TrueCLID and it will not be beneficial to you. Do not send or static or incorrect information in this field.

Here is an example request using both the mandatory and optional fields, where you are telling TrueCLID that you have disconnected a previous call TO: 16465557000 that was FROM: 12125551212:

Response Fields:

The fields within the table below are organized in the same order as a response in CSV format will be returned (other formats will include the field name in response). Depending on the resp_type you choose ("simple", "basic", "extended") certain fields will be returned as shown below:

Field simple basic extended Type Note


No Yes Yes String

The "called_number" you provided in the API call, in E.164 format

name Yes Yes Yes String

CNAM short of the called_number (15 char or less)

extended_name No No Yes String

CNAM long of the called_number (Up to 255 char)

err No Yes Yes String

Error number

error_msg No Yes Yes String

Error description text

Here's an example of a response in extended json format:

{"called_number": "16465557000", "extended_name": "Test Phone Number", "name": "Test Number", "err": "0", "error_msg": ""}

Next, see the Response formats.

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