Can I share my account with others?

Modified on: 2015-05-07 22:41:03 UTC

Yes, you may share your TrueCNAM account with others such as family, friends, and colleagues. Keep the following in mind if you choose to share your account:

  • - We suggest you do NOT provide your web login and password to anyone else. 
  • - If you have others sharing your account, we suggest you provision an API Key for each device and/or person.
  • - All CNAM queries others perform on your account will be deducted from your per-minute and per-day limits. 
  • - We recommend you choose our Pro plan or higher if you plan to share your account.
  • - You may add and verify numbers and names (CNAM) for others on your account, if you have their permission. See this article for further details.

Finally, you are responsible for keeping your account secure and for any activities on your account such as purchases, numbers added, queries, etc.

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