How do I change or remove a number?

Modified on: 2015-03-06 05:53:49 UTC

To change / modify a numberIf you already have a phone number on your account, you can modify the CNAM (name) stored for it at any time on the My Phone Numbers page. Changes you make to the CNAM on a number are immediately updated and available in our database after you complete the modification.

To remove a numberTo remove a number you have on your account, just visit the My Phone Numbers page and click the "Delete" button next to it. The number and associated name will be immediately deleted from your account and our database. 

Please note: If you have added a number and associated CNAM, and the carrier or service provider that provides service to your number has also populated your number and CNAM to our database, then, when you delete the number from your account, the CNAM stored for your number by your carrier will still be shown. In these cases, you may contact your carrier to request they remove your number from our database as well. If you have trouble getting your carrier to remove your CNAM from our database, you may Contact Support

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