What will I receive with TrueCLID?

Modified on: 2015-06-04 20:52:55 UTC

When you perform a CNAM query for an inbound number, we'll include a TrueCLID indication with the response. The TrueCLID field ("true_clid") in the response will provide one of the following values:

1. "verified" - This is the highest level of certainty and indicates that CallerID Number received is accurate, belongs to the caller that is calling you, and that caller has possession of the telephone number they are calling you with.

2. "true" - This indicates a high level of certainty that the call originated from the user of the number that is calling you.

3. "false" - This indicates a strong likelihood that Caller ID you are receiving is spoofed, and that the call did NOT originated from the owner of the phone number that is calling you.

4. "unknown" - We can't provide any definitive information in this case.

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